Inside - Out
By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel

How do you use your pajamas? If all you are doing is sleeping in them, fashion gurus have lots of ideas for you. Twenty five percent of today's population is now working at home. Comfortable pajamas make great at home work wear. Today's teen and college girls have discovered pajama pants mixed with loose t-shirting. It makes for comfortable study clothes. The look is turning up on high school and college campuses around the country. Manufacturers are encouraging that trend along with streamlining our travel wardrobes. The new buzz word is conversion-wear. They are using pajama fabrics and styles that can be used for both bed wear and mixed by the piece with one's regular wardrobe. There is as much labor, design effort, construction and shipping cost in a pair of quality pajamas as a street wear garment. So, why not use them for more than sleeping? If one mixes bed wear and street wear, the wardrobe becomes more comfortable, easier to care for and provides more versatility. The concept is super for air travelers and tour participants who are limited on luggage. Think of a button-up pajama top as a jacket or cover-up shirt. Pajama bottoms mixed with t-shirting or casual blousing creates lounge wear or casual sportswear. Most pajama fabrics are soft enough they can be rolled tightly and stuffed into small places. They shake out easily when ready for wearing. Cotton knits and polyester blends are particularly good for this. Summertime is a great time to try out the concept. Your next getaway could be a totally new experience! P.S. Don't forget the nightshirt. It makes a super beach cover-up.

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