Inside - Out
By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel

What is your wardrobe lifestyle? Did you even know you had one? Ready to wear has always done a pretty good job of distinguishing merchandise for differing lifestyles. But intimate apparel has limited its portrayal to the flaunting of the sexy by Victoria's Secret & Fredrick's of Hollywood. If you do not fit that mode, you are lead to believe you are boring. I am here to tell you, just because you don't like skimpy, itchy, uncomfortable lingerie it doesn't mean you're boring. The major department stores have massed the intimate apparel departments and tried to create profits by pushing quantity through sales. As a result, everything looks alike. In reality there are three major lifestyle categories in intimate apparel. Fun and sexy includes not only the very sensual but also the playful. It is portrayed in ultra sheer fabrics, body hugging styles, sensual cuts and even fun fabric prints. Pretty and fashion forward include the very feminine, new fabrics, patterns, cuts and styling. In this category you find luxurious fabrics and trim, special occasion pieces and selections by new and top fashion designers. Classic and comfortable is the most popular. It does not mean boring. Fabrics, trims and styling are chosen for ultimate comfort. These are the pieces we like to hang out in, relax in and hate to throw away when they wear out. Many basic cuts and styles are repeated season upon season in differing fabrics and trims. Why is any of this important? Most stores target a lifestyle. If you understand what your preference is, your shopping experiences will be more successful. You are also able to stretch your wardrobe dollar farther when you are matching a store's lifestyle image with your own. You will find that you wear the garments more and feel most comfortable in the garments from the lifestyle matching stores. We all have items in our wardrobe we hardly wear. Usually it is because they either are not fitting properly or do not match our lifestyle. This goes for our intimate apparel as well as our outer wear. Unused garments are taking up space and wasting dollars. Have a garage sale or donate the unused items. Summer is a good time to get back on track.

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