Inside - Out
By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel

Of all of the questions I receive, the most common one is; "What can I do to keep my bra from riding up in back?" The answer is really very simple. You need to be properly fitted! Any one of the following three reasons may cause the problem. First, if the bra band is too loose around the chest wall it will ride up as you move. You will need to go down a numerical size to tighten the tension and up a cup (letter) size. Bras are ratioed. When one goes up or down around, the cup gets larger or smaller as well. Secondly, if the cups are too small the weight of the breast tissue pulls on the shoulder straps which in turn pulls the back up. To solve this problem move up a cup size. If the band is firm do not go up a band size. Thirdly, if the bra is worn out the Lycra fabric and/or elastic have lost their memory and will no longer create the necessary tension needed to hold the bra in place. To test for proper tension lay the back edge of the bra against a ruler. Measure a two inch distance. Holding the bra band at one end, stretch the bra band and release. A worn out bra will not pop back to its original measurement. If you are experiencing any of these problems, your bra will no longer be comfortable or give you the support you need. It is time for a new bra.

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