Inside - Out
By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel
January 2017 - Quality Saves

I am continually asked why bras are so expensive.

I wish to start this conversation with the fact that there is a wide range of price points in the bra world just like most of the apparel industry. But, you get what you pay for. Quality products provide quality support. Support and comfort are the two most important factors in choosing a bra.

What most people do not consider is what it takes to produce a bra. There can be a dozen or more individual parts to a bra depending on the style and material from which the garment is made.

Labor is a major factor in the cost of production. There can be as many as fifty steps in the construction of a bra, again depending on style and fabrication. Today’s labor market must be better trained to work with more technologically advanced methods of construction. Sewing machines are still used, but so are computers, computerized equipment and robotics.

Labor costs are increasing worldwide. For too long we have taken advantage of underdeveloped countries to provide our low cost labor. The tables are turning and workers in developing nations are now able to compete at a higher level. This means increased costs to manufacturers and higher prices to the consumer.

Finally, state and local taxes are added on as we punch our register buttons. I always remind our clients, “quality not price saves money”.

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