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By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel
May 2017 - Learning the Language

Buying a bra can be a daunting experience.

Knowing how to explain to sales personnel what you are looking for is one of the secrets to success. Using correct terminology is one of the keys. Aside from proper sizing, knowing what type of bra cup you prefer directs the search for the perfect bra. The type of clothing one wears and body structure determines the style of bra cup.

Bralettes which are very popular today for their comfort level have the least amount of support. They are simply designed to cover. Do not depend on them for lift or support.

Soft cups have no underwire. The amount of support is determined by the bra’s construction style and fabric. Look for side sling construction or internal gussets to achieve the most lift and/or support.

Lightly lined bra cups have a stable internal lining. Many times it is not readily visible. The internal lining gives stability to stretchy fabrics and soft laces. Lift and support are determined by the seamed pattern of the cup’s structure.

The contour cup is one of the most popular bra cups on the market today. It is a soft molded cup with a light concealing cushion. Many companies refer to it as a T-shirt bra for its ability to provide a smooth form, definition and support.

Padded bra cups are available in varying degrees of padding from light to a complete add a size. They are designed to help an individual balance their visual body structure so that clothes hang properly. Padded cups also come as push-ups. These are designed to create specific effect with breast tissue. Side lifts create cleavage. Base lifts create fullness.

Work with an experienced bra fitter to find the right cup style for your specific needs.

This is the forte of most small specialty stores.

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