Inside - Out: November, 2017
By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel

The holidays are fast approaching.

As this issue of the paper hits your door step there are about three weeks until Thanksgiving, five weeks until Hanukkah and seven weeks until Christmas.

Since Undercovers is part of the fashion industry, we are forced to plan ahead and be organized. Most of our vendors require as much as six to nine months lead time on our orders. This means it is difficult to replace merchandise once we have sold through our existing stock. For you this means you must be prepared to make decisions as you browse. It is not too early to make your gift lists and start the viewing process.

Take advantage of layaway programs. Gather up small items such as gift exchange gifts and stocking stuffers. These items add up quickly and cut into your main budget. Little bites done early leave your budget better equipped to handle major purchases.

Relax a bit and take time to browse your local retailers. Take advantage of your local retailers’ knowledge. There is no substitute for viewing, touching, conversing and experiencing the inner-action within your local community. This helps keep the holiday spirit alive and you on the right track. It is not all about the product. It is about the people and the stories behind the products. A gift is more meaningful when there is a special connection between the gift, the giver and the receiver.

It is easy to get caught up in everyday life, be tantalized by big box discounts and succumb to mass advertising. Staying in control is not always easy. Being organized and focusing early keeps you in control and the spirit of the holidays within you.

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