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By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel
Holiday Travel

Holiday travel can be both fun and stressful.
Today’s transportation facilities limit luggage amounts and sizes which can make wardrobe planning a challenge. Check with your transportation provider for all specifications. Success comes with knowing your limitations and keeping it simple.

Following are three tips to help make your next trip a bit easier.

1. Plan with versatility in mind. Choose garment pieces that can be used to create more than one outfit or look by combining them in different ways. Keep to one color palette and bounce colors and prints to change appearances. Limit the shoes. Shoes require the most luggage space.

2. Be prepared for weather changes by layering. Undershirts and camisoles take very little space but add warmth when used as undergarments. They can also become outerwear when weather turns unseasonably hot. A light weight button-up sweater serves as outerwear or buttoned up and accented with scarf or jewelry becomes dress wear. It is easier to add or subtract items than carry whole outfits.

3. Take advantage of travel accessories.

• A plastic rain poncho is as effective as a bulky raincoat.

• Cloth shoe bags keep luggage clean and control odors.

• Soft plastic cosmetic bags allow you to snuggle items into luggage and protect clothing from contamination.

• An old pillowcase in the bottom of your suitcase makes a great laundry bag. Never use plastic for dirty clothes unless they are wet. Plastic retains moisture and allows bacteria to breed.

Enjoy this holiday season and travel with ease.

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