Inside - Out
By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel

It's not just cotton any more. Cotton, one of our favorite fabrics because it is soft, absorbent and washes easily has taken on new importance as the world weather changes have occurred. A growing global economy has also increased the demand for quality cotton products. What once was viewed in this country as an abundant, inexpensive source of fiber for our textiles, cotton has now become desired by the new emerging middle class workers around the globe. How is this affecting us? Cotton prices world wide are now raising at double digit rates due to increased production of cotton apparel world wide. This in turn raises the cost of finished goods of which the majority is now imported into this country. Politically the World Trade Organization has been pressuring the United States to halt subsidies to U.S. cotton farmers in an effort to level the world's playing field for cotton producers. (Brazil, China, Australia, India, Japan and parts of Africa) What does this mean to us, major cotton consumers? Expect higher prices, especially for the better quality cottons. No longer should we as a nation continue to be the spoiled children of the earth. It is time to learn to use our resources wisely or expect to pay dearly for them. The rest of the world wants their fair share. There are new alternatives to cotton quickly surfacing. One of the fastest growing areas is soy. The plant for which we are familiar for food is now being used for fiber production as well. The fabric produced is incredibly soft like cashmere, absorbent like cotton, drapes well, can be knit or woven, dries quickly and resists shrinkage and creasing. For a quick peek at a soy product, stop by our store and check out what the designer Flora Nikrooz has done with it. I am so pleased at what is in our future that I hope other American designers and manufactures will follow her lead.

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