Inside - Out: April 2018
By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel

Better Undergarments mean better Quality of Life!

Are you taking your lingerie seriously? You should.

Stop and think about the number of hours spent in specific pieces of undergarments. When one is uncomfortable, it may affect disposition, productivity and health. Items do not have to be expensive to be healthy and comfortable.

One of the toughest fit items is a bra. Here is a quick clue to improper bra fitting. The side panel of the bra, called the wing, should start at the base of the breast tissue and sit parallel to the floor. Think of this as a platform on which the breasts can rest.

When the wing rides up in the back it may indicate the bra is too big around, the elastic is worn out and no longer holding solid or the cups are too small and the breast tissue weight is pulling the back up.

Need help determining what is wrong? See a trained bra fitter. Have them explain where on your body all of the parts of the bra should be. Do not assume that you will remain the same bra size forever. Weight fluctuations, health changes and age all play a role in breast shape and stability. Pay attention to any discomfort. It is your body’s way of telling you to make a change.

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