Inside - Out
By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel
June 2017 - The Apparel Industry 2017

As a retailer it is disturbing to watch businesses in your area and portions of the industry closing their doors.

We are living in a period of disruption and rapid change in the apparel industry. Analysts have warned us that we need to be prepared for more store closures. I have warned my clientele to be prepared for reduced inventory and the loss of some brands. It is a trickle down affect. If there are not enough stores buying then the manufacturers are affected as well.

I have listened to the many comments about shopping online taking over. There is a place for all forms of commerce. Online or digital is our newest form. It should be a wakeup call to all retailers as to how they run their business.

There has been a tremendous change in the apparel industry in the last few years in fiber development, new fabrics and new construction methods. As a result employee training in sales and service are needed to keep the consumer in the know.

This lack of attention to the consumer opens the door to other forms of commerce such as online. Those retailers that invest in their employees and training will be the survivors on the brick and mortar stage. They will be there to provide you, the consumer, with the knowledge and experience necessary to answer your questions and meet your needs.

Unfortunately, not everyone is paying attention. As a consumer, tell your favorite retailers your needs and constraints. Make them aware of your life demands, so hopefully they will be aware of your need for appropriate store hours and products. Keep in mind that legislation is affecting how they must run their business. It is a balancing act for them. Do not just tell a salesperson. Take your requests as high as you can.

If you want choices in your local area and your tax dollars to stay local, speak up!

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