Inside - Out 0ctober, 2017
By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel

October marks a milestone for Undercovers.

The store will have served the community for twenty-five years. We have seen a lot in those years; an earthquake, a hillside fire and two economic downturns. The most talked about today is the effects of the internet.

I remember the excitement of receiving the first Sear’s catalog and the fun of all the choices from which to buy. Did it have an effect on local shopping? Of course it did. It also found its place in the total interchange experience.

Next to come were malls and mega stores. During all of this the small independent specialty business managed to survive. They met a specific and/or special need. My hope is that they can maintain their presence during the internet onslaught.

What keeps specialty businesses going? It starts with business owners who love what they do, find their products or services exciting and beneficial and have a deep concern for their community. These are the businesses you see participating in community organizations, supporting local schools, non-profits and projects and spearheading improvement campaigns. They know others depend on them. Is it easy? Absolutely not! Is it rewarding? Tremendously!

Their success continues with the support of customers and clients who recognize the significance of maintaining a healthy community by patronizing these businesses. This keeps your dollars local and working for you.

What does it take to start a small business? Money can be a stumbling block. From one who has had very little to work with, it is not the sole answer. It takes a desire to solve problems or serve the community, the tenacity to stick with it in tough times, the willingness to listen, learn and share with others and keep one’s focus within reality.

You are never too old to start and never too young to try.

Thank you to the many who have kept us going for 25 years, for the friendships we have developed in the process and those we have yet to meet on this journey.

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