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By Carol Gill, Undercovers Intimate Apparel
A Bra's Lifespan

So, how long are our bras supposed to last?

One of the most important roles of small and mini-independent business is the dissemination of information.

For the next couple of months I will address some of the most popular questions that arise in our store. This month’s question is; “How long should a bra last?”

The industry will tell you that the average life of a bra is ninety wearings. I explain to my clients that if they have three bras, rotate them and care for them properly, one can expect them to last a year.

There are numerous factors which affect the life of a bra. Bras today are made with Lycra stretch fabrics instead of woven fabrics and rubber elastic. Lycra has memory. It needs an opportunity to return to its original state. That means it needs to rest. If you rotate your Lycra garments, they have an opportunity to readjust rather than continually be stretched.

Laundering techniques also play a role. Unlike outer garments which can become dirt laden, bras merely absorb some body moisture, oils and deodorant. Bra fabrics are also much more delicate than everyday outerwear apparel. Both factors mean that taking a little bit of special care in the laundering process will help these garments last longer. They do not need to be agitated in a washing machine to get clean. A simple hand swishing in a basin of water with a fine fabric washing solution and a five minute soak with a thorough rinse can do the trick. Never put bras in the dryer. Heat is Lycra’s worst enemy. Hang to dry from the center cup joint to avoid any stretching while wet.

If you experience a bit of grunge at the underarm, try a dab of shampoo and a soft tooth brush to get it off. It is simply the combination of body oil and deodorant.

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